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Saturday, June 20, 2009

4. "The Forum" (1x03) #3

Episode title: "The Forum" Episode 3
Host: Connie
Co-Host: Micen
Forum Guests:
Sahar, Micen, Joseph & Fiametta Ray
In the Chat: Erin & Sly
Chat Forum Log

Topics: How to use flashbacks in your stories, Music to listen to while you write, Ainme, what is the biggest cliche in writing, Movies VS Books and Would you want your book made in to a movie.

Synopsis: In Episode 3 Connie and Micen


Stuff mentioned in the Forum:
Neil Gaiman
Antwone Fisher
Finding Fish
Harry Potter
Edward Cullen
Stephen King
The Stand
My Bloody Valentine
Jamie Campbell Bower (the guy from Sweeney Todd who is in Twilight 2: New Moon)


Challenge: Write a scene that ends with two people making up after a long misunderstanding that kept them apart.

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